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AT&T White & Yellow Pages Phone Book Covers the entire Southeastern United States Plus some additional states! Technical Support: 1-866-426-8005, Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time, (excluding holidays)

International Phone Directories:

10-10 " is a free real time people search tool that looks into nearly every corner of the web"

AnyWho By AT&T

All Nations International Telephone Calling Code Search Engine By Escape


Find Someone Online By

Infobel websites direct access

International White and Yellow Pages


Phonebook of the World

**** Federal Citizen Information Center National Contact Center Includes Federak Agency Phone Numbers

Google Voice Free Phone VOIP

**** Police Agencies on Excellent!

Reverse Telephone Directories By Genie Tyburski, Web Manager, The Virtual Chase® . Law Firm of Ballard Spahr Andrews & Ingersoll, LLP

MagicJack™ Economical Phone Service Through the Internet

Telephone Number IDentification (TNI)

Wakerupper Cheap wake up or reminder call service

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411 for Cell Phones, Free 800-466-4411  
411 for Cell Phones, Free Free 411 @ 800-373-3411  
411 for Cell Phones, Free 800-935-5697  
800 Toll Free Lookup Find tool free numbers for businesses 800 Telephone Numbers
900 Number Assignment Used to determine who the provider is 900 Telephone Numbers
Address Search "Free Access to Information on More Than 68 Million Email Addresses & 140 Million Mailing Addresses" Address and Phone Numbers. Lots of good features! Addresses " provides an online national "yellow pages" directory for all the US States." Yellow Pages
All Nations Expatriates & Travelers Telephone Search Engine "Dialing Codes, Directories, Embassies, Voltages & Rates: Worldwide." International Phone Directories
AmeriCom   Area Code Decoder
American Universities   Schools (Colleges & Universities)
Anywho   Reverse Phone Search
Anywho Toll Free Directory Look Up Toll Free Numbers For Businesses 800 Telephone Numbers
AOL City Guide Can get at local telephone information by using this. Information on Cities. Can search by zip code or city & state. City Guides
AOL Anywhere International Directories International Phone Directories
Area Area Codes
Area codes and exchanges Several ways to look up area code and exchanges. Especially useful to link a telephone exchange to a geographical area Area Codes
Area Code Listing Has a convenient map of the U.S. that you can click on Area Codes
Area Code Listing 2 Look up an area code number to find out where area of the country the area code serves Area Codes
Area Code Database Shows area codes services by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) Area Codes
Area Codes Serviced by ISPs   Area Codes
Area Code Reverse Directory City, State & Country Phone Book Cross Area Codes
Area Decoder Recently Improved! Excellent City Lookup, City, Region Lookup, Area Code Lookup, Area Code - Exchange Lookup, Country Code Lookup, Country Code - City Code, Country Lookup, State Lookup. Instructions. Area Codes
***** ***** Free Software (with ads of course). Searches multiple sources for phone numbers, reverse numbers, toll free numbers, area codes, even the weather. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!    
AT&T Directory Assistance Locate People & Businesses Yellow Pages Canada Yellow Pages International Phone Directories, Reverse Phone Search, Yellow Pages
City Guides
International Directories
Maps & Directions
Nearby Search
Reverse Yellow Pages
U.S. Yellow Pages
BellSouth Phone Book Covers the Entire Nine State Bellsouth Area! This is an internet connection to the Bell South Telephone Book that you get thrown up on your driveway, except it is updated more frequently. Try it - you will like it! Recently they added a lot more cities both in and outside Georgia. Their help desk is 800-993-6041! BellSouth
BellSouth Internet Real Pages BellSouth $$$ Fee Based $$$ !  
Bing-411 "The audio service that gives you directions, traffic conditions, and weather reports — on any phone."  
Biography By infoplease®  
Canadian Universities   Schools (Colleges & Universities)
CCSO Phonebook Server Lookup Lists 333 Schools (Colleges & Universities) Schools (Colleges & Universities)
Cell Phone Bills Explained By the Federal Communications Commission Cell Phones
Cell Phone or Land Line Search Determine if a phone number is a cell phone or a land line Cell Phones
Cell Phone Decoder Shows Cell Phone Carrier and General Area That It Covers Cell Phones
Cell Phone Directory   Cell Phones
Cell Phone Number Spam   Cell Phones
Cell Phone Tracer Fee Based  
Cellular/Telephone Resources   Cell Phones
CFR Title 47, Chapter 5, Subchapter II, Part I, Section 227 Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCP) Fax Laws (Junk Faxes)
Cheat Sheet to Find a Human How to bypass voice mail menus for major companies.  
Colleges & Universities Los Alamos National Laboratory Schools (Colleges & Universities)
Community Colleges   Schools (Colleges & Universities)
Company & Telephone Directories   Business
*** Contacting Congress *** State by State Listing! Excellent! Federal Government Phones Find a Person, Business or Phone Number Yellow Pages, Reverse Phone Search
Dex Online   White & Yellow Pages
Directory Assistance Plus Find a Person, Business or do a Reverse Search
Directory of Service Provider Agents for Notification of Claims of Infringement Library of Congress Site Internet Service Providers (ISP's)
Domain Name Search   Domain Names Search
Do NOT Call Federal Trade Commission Telemarketers
Do NOT Call Registry Direct Link to Sign Up for "Do Not Call." Telemarketers
Email Address for a Person Search for an email address for a person using their name. Email Information
Exchange (Prefix) Location By Area Code Telephone Exchange Information Limited to Companies that Participate in Their Service Help With Hold Times on a Phone!
FCC Consumer Complaint Form 475 Federal Laws Preventing Unsolicited Faxes. Fax Laws (Junk Faxes)
Federal Government Blue Pages Listings by state, city, area code, agency or service, and keyword. AKA U.S. Blue Pages. Federal Government Phones
Federal Government Telephone Directory Directory of Numerous Federal Agencies as well as member of Congress. Run by the Federal Citizen Information Center. Federal Government Phones
Federal Government Toll-Free Telephone Numbers Contact Some Federal Agencies for Free! Federal Government Phones
Find A Human (Gethuman database) Links to get to a "real" person when calling a large companies main telephone number! (By pass voice mail). By Paul English
Find A Human 2 By
Fone Finder Use to determine the carrier (phone company). Also works for cell phones (By pass voice mail). Carriers
Cell Phones
White Pages   Cell Phones
Cell Phones
White Pages   Reverse Phone Lookup
General Education Online International Universities Schools (Colleges & Universities)
Georgia Phone Directory  
Georgia State Telephone Directory Main Directory Georgia State Government Phones
Georgia State Telephone Directory State Employee Listing Georgia State Government Phones
Georgia State Telephone Directory Elected Officials Georgia State Government Phones
Georgia State Telephone Directory State Departments, Authorities and Other Entities Georgia State Government Phones
Georgia State Telephone Directory Listing for State Colleges and Universities Georgia State Government Phones
Georgia State Telephone Directory Technical and Adult Education Georgia State Government Phones
Gethuman database (Find a Human) Links to get to a "real" person when calling a large companies main telephone number! (By pass voice mail). By Paul English Help With Hold Times on a Phone!
Google Phone By White Pages & Business Type in the company name and get (maybe) their main corporate headquarters telephone number. People Search, Reverse Searches, email Searches Free & Fee Based $ International White & Yellow Pages International Phone Directories   White Pages & Reverse Phone Search (Under the side bar on the left titled: "search by phone ")
Information Within Reach You can locate by business name, individual name & also locate a professional for the entire United States. By KnowX LLC a ChoicePoint Company.    
Inter800 800 Directory  
International Directories By Los Alamos National Laboratory. International Phone Directories
International Directories, Another Directory By AOL. International Phone Directories
International Phone Directories White pages & Reverse Phone International Phone Directories
Internet 800 Directory By The Internet 800 Directory 800 Telephone Numbers
InternetTollFree 800 Directory  
Internet Directory Assistance Lots of sites for telephone information White Pages
Internet Service Providers' Security Contacts Updated Monthly Civil Process In General
Internet Service Providers (ISP's)
Internet Toll 800 Numbers 800 Telephone Numbers
Intellius People Search $$$ Fee Based $$$ ! White Pages
Jay Computer Services   Area Codes "We give you the tools to stop junk" Fax Laws (Junk Faxes) Information on How to Deal With Junk Faxes Fax Laws (Junk Faxes)
Kentucky State Employee Directory    
Land Line or Cell Phone? Input part of the number and found out. Cell Phones
Local Calling Guide    
Lookout Investigations   White Pages (Lucy - Let Us Call You) Select Companies Will Call You Back. Help With Hold Times on a Phone!
Lycos People Search   White Pages
Mobile Phone Directory "Local & global. Business and personal... and totally free!" Cell Phones
Montana Pay Phones   Pay Phones
MSN White Pages    
Name from Phone    
National Do NOT Call Federal Trade Commission Telemarketers
National Do NOT Call Registry Direct Link to Sign Up for "Do Not Call." Telemarketers
North American Numbering Plan (NANP) North American Numbering Plan Area Codes
North American People Finder Databases By Law Research White Pages
PayPhone Directory   Pay Phones
Payphones of the World   Pay Phones
People   White Pages & Reverse Phone Search    
People   Reverse email Search
Paul's Phone Page By Paul English.  
Payphone Project Search by City & State or Phone Number  
Pinger Textfree Web Free Texting from a Web Browser $$$$ Fee Based $$$$  
Phone   White Pages
*** Phone Validator™ *** "Reverse Cell Phone Numbers and Non-published Telephone Numbers ... For Free to Lean the Phone Company. If the Phone Number is Listed, You Will Receive Directory Assistance Data." By Crime Time Publishing Co., Inc.  
Radaris "Comprehensive People Search"  
Reach411 $$$$ Fee Based $$$$ Full 411 service!
Reverse Address Multiple Ways to Search plus Other Research Tools! Reverse Address Search
Reverse Phone   Reverse Phone Search
Reverse Phone Book   Reverse Phone Search
Reverse Phone Search, The Number -Also provides reports from people on calls to their home/business Reverse Phone Search
Reverse Telephone Search 2   Reverse Phone Search
Reverse Telephone Search Includes links to six more reverse search sites Reverse Phone Search
Reverse Toll Free Numbers The Internet 800 Number Reverse Phone Search
Reverse Toll Free Numbers Another Site Reverse Phone Search! "Classmates and Alumni Directory." High School Directories. Registration (Free) is Required! Schools (Colleges & Universities)   White Pages
Search Europe   International Phone Directories
Search Networkworking Lots of Links to Online Phone Books! White Pages
Sight Speed Main Page Sight Speed Version 3 Video Phone
*** *** Numerous Search Links Reverse Phone Search   Reverse Phone Search, Yellow Pages, White Pages
State of Georgia Government Telephone Directory A complete listing of employees.  
State of New Jersey Employee Phone Directory    
Super Verizon Wireless Yellow Pages
Telephone Books - Multiple   Telephone Books - Multiple
Telephone Prefix (Exchange) Location Directory   Area Codes
TeleflipP™ Send an email message to any cell phone! This is a free service. Email Information
Telemarketing Facts & Figures U.S. Census Bureau Telemarketers
Telephone/Cellular Resources   Cell Phones
Telephone Number IDentification    
Telephone Taping Laws for All 50 States   Telephone Taping
"Text Searches Put the Operator on Hold" By Yuki Noguchi Washington Post Avoid 411 Cell Phone Charges
Think DM 411 Search Residential and Business Search, Reverse Address Search & Reverse Phone Search Reverse Phone Search
Toll Free   800 Telephone Numbers  
*** Ultimates *** Search Multiple Telephone Books with One Entry Reverse Phone Search
White Pages
University and College Directory University You can browse by state! Schools (Colleges & Universities)
Universities Worldwide "... searchable database of Universities around the world!" Schools (Colleges & Universities)
U.S. Government Telephone and E-mail Directories By  
U.S. City Search   City Guides
U.S. Directories Los Alamos National Laboratory White Pages "Virtual Sites is your Web Surfer's Guide of over 500 helpful pages representing Free Stuff, Search Engines, Web Cams, Virtual Tours, Online Shopping, Online Casinos, Online Computing, Reference Sites, Security, Government Intelligence and over 1 Million Books! " White Pages
Virtual Reference Desk    
Voice Over IP Telephone Center PC Magazine Video Phone
W3Data Inc. Paid and Free Phone Searches White Pages
Who Calls Me?   Reverse Phone Lookup
What Does Your Telephone Number Spell? By Humor
What does your phone number spell? Another Source By Phone Spell Humor
White Pages A Georgia Civil Process Page of Links
**** White   Business
Reverse Lookup
Area & Zip Codes
White Pages CA Canadian White Pages Business
Reverse Phone Search
White Pages   Reverse Search   Reverse Search
Who Owns This Number?    
WhoWhere   White Pages
Windstream Telephone Books FKA Altel)   Yellow Pages & White Pages   Email Information
World   International Phone Directories
World Yellow Pages   Yellow Pages
World Wide Phone Books Compilation of Numerous Internet Phone Resources Worldwide International Phone Directories
White Pages
Yahoo Yellow Pages   Yellow Pages
Yahoo Search "The Directory of Directories" Email Information    
Yellow   Yellow Pages
Your Community Phone Book Business Listing for Some Cities   Yellow Pages
Yellow & White Pages of the World   Pay Phones