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*** Black Book Online *** Outstanding Web Site. Numerous Free Databases to Search! "Black Book Online is One of the Top Free Public Record Sites on the Internet. They Research, Test and Maintain Tens of Thousands of Links to Free Public Record Online Searches."

*** Fi.Fa.'s, Levys and the Collection of Judgments in Georgia *** By Retired Deputy Sheriff Rickey E. Tumlin who served the Hall County, Georgia, Sheriff's Office for 32 years! This is the only book your webmaster is aware of that is written for law enforcement & process servers rather than for lawyers.

**** "What is Reasonable Service" by Joseph G. Mitchell, Georgia Bar Journal, June 2009, go to page 24 on the PDF Software (actually page 22) Deals with Service of Process

NSA: "Ultimate Guide for Sheriffs"

Manuals on Line Product Manuals

Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Legal Division, Glynco, GA

Forensic Science Technician "Guide to Forensic Science Degree Programs" " All Campus-Based US Forensic Science Programs Database (Sorted Alphabetically by State) " A Neat Search Engine for Finding Information and Documentation on Consumer Electronics!

International Association of Chiefs of Police:

International Association of Chiefs of Police Training Keys Lots of Topics!

Training Key Information Packet Online Ordering of Keys Dr. Kinnaird is a former deputy sheriff. He is also a trainer and an author.

Admissibility of Still, Digital Photographs (images) in Criminal Trials Documents and Links. By Keith Hodges.

Alcohol, drugs and crime : a study of juveniles in detention In PDF format. By Jeremy Prichard and Jason Payne

AskSam™ eBooks and Documents Claims to be "the Internet's Largest Automotive Directory."

Avoiding Plagiarism

Blue Book, Law Enforcement Directory Search for New & Used Books, Textbooks, Out-of-Print and Rare Books Search for 150 million books on one search engine!

Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) Web Guide

"Child Pornography on the Internet," "an innovative resource that will help law enforcement agencies analyze their local problem of Internet child pornography." U.S. Department of Justice's Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS Office)

CIA World Factbook

CIA World Factbook and the Factbook on Intelligence Downloads In Zip File Format

Citation Machine Fill in the blanks to properly cite a reference to a book, magazine, etc.

Clandestine Drug Labs by Michael S. Scott U.S. Department of Justice COPS Program

Collection & Preservation of Evidence

CopsNTech By Sgt. Mack Pettigrew

Counterfeiting" A Manual for the Identification of Counterfeit Currency, Credit Cards, Traveler's Checks and Bank Checks." By L. Burke Files.

Countries of the World By a Division of

Crime in the United States 2004 ReportFederal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

Crime Scene Investigation

Criminal Intellectual Property Laws U.S. Department of Justice

Death Investigation An U.S. Dept. of Justice Manual

"Disguised Weapons" The Law Enforcement Guide to Covert Guns, Knives and Other Weapons" By Craig S. Meissner. Paladin Press Publisher.

Edmunds Look Up Values of New & Used Cars

Electronic Crime Scene Investigation: A Guide for First Responders July 2001. National Institute of Justice (NIJ).

Every Landlord's Legal Guide by Marcia Stewart, Attorney Ralph Warner & Attorney Janet Portman. Publish by Nolo.

Eye Witness EvidenceAn U.S. Dept. of Justice Manual

FBI guidelines on digital photo evidence Still In Draft Format

FBI guidelines on digital photo evidence (Another Source) Still In Draft Format

FBI Uniform Crime Reports Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

Federal Citizen Information Center By The U.S. General Services Administration. I think this use to be known as the Government Printing Office. It is in Pueblo, Colorado!

Federal Computer Intrusion Laws U.S. Department of Justice "A place to discover and publish e-books"

*** Fi.Fa.'s, Levys and the Collection of Judgments in Georgia *** By Retired Deputy Sheriff Rickey E. Tumlin who served the Hall County, Georgia, Sheriff's Office for 32 years! This is the only book your webmaster is aware of that is written for law enforcement rather than for lawyers.

Find Articles By LookSmart. Searches for articles in over 700 publications.

First Amendment Handbook The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press

"Forensic Examination of Digital Evidence: A Guide for Law Enforcement, April 2004"

National Institute of Justice, U.S. Department of Justice. General Dennis J. Reimer Training & Doctrine Digital Library Some Materials Are Restricted

Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police Publication : "Electronic Control Weapons in Georgia: Review & Recommendations" Prepared by the Ad Hoc Committee on Electronic Control Weapons & Approved by the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police Executive Board, June 20, 2005.

"Georgia Law Enforcement Certification Program" By the Georgia Department of Community Affairs

"Georgia Law Enforcement Handbook: Criminal Law & Procedure" Published annually by ThompsonWest. Georgia Certified Peace Officers can buy this book at a considerably reduced rate from the Library at the Georgia Public Safety Training Center (GPSTC) in Forsyth, GA.

"Georgia Notary Public Handbook" Order formAvailable from the Georgia Superior Court Clerks' Cooperative Authority

"How Well Do Your Handcuffs Really Work" Specialized Training & Tactics, with Dave Young WeaponryOnline.COM

ibiblio "the public's library and digital archive"

Index to Georgia Bar Association's Georgia Bar Journal

Prosecuting Attorneys' Council of Georgia Publications

Georgia Public Records, "Retention Schedules for Local Government Paper & Electronics Record" approved 4-16-07 (Revised May 2007)

Georgia Public Safety Information Manuals Published by Department of Administrative Services

Georgia Uniform Vehicle Accident Report, Instruction Guide, Version 2.0 Georgia Department of Transportation

Google Book Search Formerly Google Print. "Search the full text of books ..."

Google Book Search Mobile

Government & Commercial Use of Social Security Numbers A General Accounting Office Publication in PDF Format

Government Technology Library Thousands of Free White Papers, Case Studies, Webcasts and Reports

Handbook of Forensic Services A FBI Manual

Handcuff Maintenance:

Handcuff Maintenance Peerless Handcuff Company

Handcuff Maintenance FAQ Peerless Handcuff Company

"How Well Do Your Handcuffs Really Work?" Specialized Training & Tactics, with Dave Young., Newsletter, December 2005.

Hyper Dictionary English Dictionary, Computer Dictionary, Thesaurus Dream Dictionary & Medical Dictionary

“Identifying Victims Using DNA: A Guide for Families” National Institute of Justice

"Improving Access to and Integrity of Criminal History Records" By Peter M. Brian, Bureau of Justice Statistics, U.S. Department of Justice, July 2005.

Institute of Continuing Legal Education in Georgia

Investigating Child Fatalities Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention

Investigators Guide to Sources of Information A 1997 General Accounting Office Document (U.S.)

"JUSTINFO is a biweekly electronic newsletter containing information about publications, events, funding and training opportunities, and Web-based resources available from NCJRS Federal sponsors."

JUSTNET Justice Technology Information Network by NLECT. Online news & Publications.

"Justice Resource Update" Replaces the "NCJRS Catalog." "... an online quarterly publication developed on behalf of OJP sponsoring agencies. The "Update" highlights significant initiatives, priorities, products, and Web sites as well as announcing funding information of interest to the field."

Kelley Blue Book Look Up Values of New & Used Cars

Law and Order Magazine Online

Law and Order Magazine Reader Service

"A Law Enforcement Officer’s Guide to Open Records in Georgia, GEORGIA LAW ENFORCEMENT AND THE OPEN RECORDS ACT"

Law Enforcement Investigations 2005 A Military Manual Available to the Public. FM 3-19.13

"Law Enforcement Tech Guide for Small and Rural Police Agencies: A Guide for Executives, Managers, and Technologists"

Law Enforcement Technology Magazine Cygnus Business Media

LexisNexis, your source for law enforcement information

Life Sciences Journals " ... U.S. National Library of Medicine's free digital archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature."

Live Get Manuals on Numerous Products

"Lexis Nexis® Publishes Over 250 State and Federal Law Enforcement Manuals, Criminal Justice Titles, and Training Guides In Print or Electronic Format" or call 1-800-533-1637

Looseleaf Law Publications, Inc. Publications for Criminal Justice Professionals and Law Enforcement! 800-647-5547

Lulu Self Publishing Publish and sell a book, cheap!

Magistrate Courts in Georgia Bench Book

Military Police Law & Order Operations A Military Manual Available to the Public

Military Publications & Manuals National Technical Information Service

"A Model Law Enforce Operations Manual" By the Georgia Department of Community Affairs Planning and Management Division

NADA Guides or Look Up Values of New & Used Cars as well as Boats, Motorcycles, Recreation Vehicles (RVs), & Manufactured Homes (Trailers or Mobile Homes)

National Criminal Justice Reference Center Thousands of Publications, Many related to Law Enforcement. Most can be downloaded on the Internet

"'National' Criminal History Databases: Issue and Opportunities in Pre-Employment Screening" A publication by Carl R. Ernst & Les Rosen

National Security Archive Declassified Government Documents! A project by The George Washington University.

New Guidelines Seek To Improve Court Handling of Juvenile Delinquency Cases November 2005

NLECTC 'Center System'

Online Books Page "Listing over 20,000 free books on the Web..."

Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention

Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice

PI Magazine "Journal of Private Investigators"

Police & Law Enforcement Search Engine and directory By Newsletter Publications

Polygraph Manual

Project Gutenberg

Prosecuting Intellectual Property Crimes Manual United States Department of Justice (DOJ)

Publications Georgia Dept. of Community Affairs Includes Law Enforcement Material

Publish Your Own Book" No set-up fees. No minimum order. No risk. We print and ship each book as it's bought." By Lulu. Lulu keeps a commission on each sale.

PubMed Central (PMC) "PubMed Central (PMC) is the U.S. National Library of Medicine's digital archive of life sciences journal literature. Access to the full text of articles in PMC is free, except where a journal requires a subscription for access to recent articles."


Read Print Books Published before 1920 That Art in the Public Domain


Searching and Seizing Computers and Obtaining Electronic Evidence in Criminal Investigations United States Department of Justice (DOJ)

Super Searchers Go to the Source By Risa Sacks, Edited by Reva Basch, CyberAge Books

Skip Tracers Little Black Book An item that you purchase

Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics, 31st edition "... brings together data from more than 100 sources about many aspects of criminal justice in the United States. These data are displayed in over 600 tables." U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics.

Specialty Dictionaries Numerous Online Dictionaries by Subject

Stalking Manual in PDF FormatU.S. Department of Justice

State Bar of Georgia, Archives for Georgia Bar Journal

Statistical Abstract of the United States" The National Data Book contains a collection of statistics on social and economic conditions in the United States. Selected international data are also included. The Abstract is also your Guide to Sources of other data from the Census Bureau, other Federal agencies, and private organizations." U.S. Census Bureau.

Street Gangs and Interventions: Innovative Problem Solving with Network Analysis"

Successfully Investigating Acquaintance Sexual Assault A National Training Manual for Law Enforcement

Survey of State Criminal History Information Systems, 2003 By SEARCH: The National Consortium for Justice Information and Statistic, Bureau of Justice Statistics. " Describes the status of State criminal history record systems at yearend 2001."

"Synopsis of Crime in Schools and Colleges: A Study of National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) Data."

Taping Phone Calls Includes State Laws

Taping Phone Calls Laws

Tax Lien and Tax Deed Sales Publications Some are downloadable. All are $$$ Fee Based $$$!

"TechBeat is the award-winning news-magazine of the National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center (NLECTC) system."

Trooper Legal Update Newsletter Archives Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police (GACP)

"Those Dark Hiding Places: The Invisible Web" By Robert J. Lackie, Assistant Professor-Librarian, Rider University

U.S. Identification Manual $$$ Fee Based $$$! Ordered by mail or toll free number.

U.S. Government Manual Search for United States Government Manuals

U.S. Government Manual: Browse the 2005-06 Edition

U.S. Postal Service, CFR Title 39

United States Government Policy and Supporting Positions): 2004 Edition Also known as the "PLUM" Book

United States Attorneys' Manual National Archives and Records Administration

Vehicle Identification Number - VIN Numbers

"Violence Against Women: Identifying Risk Factors" NIJ Research in Brief, Nov 04

Web Mystery Magazine"... non-fiction articles and columns..."

"Why Suspects Confess" Free download E-Book

wikiHow "The world's how to manual"

World eBook Fair "World eBook Fair is produced by the World Public Library Consortia" Claims 1/2 million ebooks! 2006 World eBook Fair Collections