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PowerPoint - Books that Will Improve Your Lesson Plans


"Slide:ology, The Art and Science of Creating Presentations" This is a must have book for all Instructors!

By Nancy Durante, Durante Design, Published by O'Reilly®, Available from


"Presentation Zen" By Garr Reynolds, Published by New Riders, Available from


"The Chicago Manual of Style the essential reference for authors, editors, proofreaders, indexers,

copywriters, designers, and publishers " Published by University of Chicago Press


"Words into Type" By Marjorie E. Skillin (Author) & Robert Malcolm Gay, Available from


"The Power Presenter" By Jerry Weisman, Available from

Microsoft Power Point Viewer for PowerPoint Projects A download that allows you to use two monitors. The second monitor displays your notes as well as the slide. When you are presenting your PowerPoint slide show from a projector, the projector become primary screen and your laptop screen becomes the second monitor displaying the slide that the audience sees plus your notes. It acts similar to a teleprompter.

Alternative to PowerPoint: Glide Presenter

Alternative to PowerPoint: Google Docs (Presentations)

Beyond By Cliff Atkinson

Brain PowerPoint Templates. "Free PowerPoint Backgrounds and free PowerPoint Templates, free PowerPoint Tutorials, PowerPoint Tips and Tricks and hundreds of other Free Business and Educator Downloads & Resources are here."

Convoq ASAP Express Free Unlimited One on One Video Conferencing. "Deliver your message with audio/video/PowerPoint slides." $$$ Fee Based $$$ Versions for larger conferencing.

Crystal Graphics PowerPlugs for PowerPoint $$$ Fee Based $$$

Indezine By Geetesh Bajaj

Image Search Engines Useful when preparing a PowerPoint Presentation

Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 Page

My Favorite PowerPoint Resources By Michael Hyatt

Ovation Software Add on for PowerPoint By Serous Magic.

"Powerful Pointers for Presenters"by Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell Law Practice Today. Numerous useful links!

PowerPlugs for PowerPoint By Crystal Graphics, Inc.

*** PowerPoint Add On *** More Free Download Goodies! Live Web - insert and update web pages real-time into PowerPoint. By Shyam Pillai.

PowerPoint Add Ons Free and $$$ Fee Based $$$ downloads, a complete list. By Shyam Pillai.


PowerPoint Google Groups A News Group.

PowerPoint Producer Free to licensed holders of PowerPoint 2003 or 2002. Improve your PowerPoint presentations. "Producer FAQ, Demos, Support Articles, and More"

PowerPoint Templates Free. By Sonia Coleman.

PowerPoint Tips: Hold down the CTRL Key and then click on the "view slide show." You get a small window within the window depicting the slide to be viewed. You can then edit the main window and see your results in the small "view slide show" window.

PowerPoint Viewer A free download from Microsoft that lets you view PowerPoint Presentations! By Geetesh Bajaj

PPTools "PowerTools for PowerPoint PowerUsers." Lots of stuff for PowerPoint users! By VNU eMedia Inc." By Alliant Solutions, Inc.

Presenters University By InFocus Corporation

Presentation Technology Links By Dave Paradi

Producer 2003 "Free to licensed users of PowerPoint 2003 and Microsoft PowerPoint version 2002, Producer 2003 includes features such as improved audio and video quality, better synchronization, and enhanced tools to share presentations." Highly recommended by PC Magazine in their July 2004 issue!

Projector Projects for Your PowerPoint Presentation.


RDP Slides

RDP Tools

Reallybad-1.pdf "Really Bad PowerPoint (and how to avoid it)" by Seth Godin

SpeakerNet News A free weekly newsletter.

"Ten Tips to Improve Your Presentations with PowerPoint" By Dennis