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Digital Literacy Teaches Web Skills By U.S. Department of Commerce

Microsoft Office 2010 System End User Training Toolkit

Windows Tips

Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor beta Determine If Your Computer Can Handle Windows Vista!

Typewriters (A Walk Through History)

**** Free! "PrintWhatYouLike is a free web page editor that gives you control of how web pages look when printed."

Internet Crime Complaint Center "The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) is a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C), funded in part by the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA)"

101 Fabulous Freebies by PC World Magazine

7-Zip "7-Zip is a file archiver with high compression ratio." By Igor Pavlov. Free!

Active X Controls Patch Problems caused by IE 6 fixed with this patch.

Adobe Reader Speedup Cuts down on the numerous plug ins that load with Adobe Reader 6!


Ad-Aware Personal Free! "... provides advanced protection from known data-mining, aggressive advertising, Trojans, dialers, malware, browser hijackers, and tracking components." Track Website Traffic and Search for other information

American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

Anonymous Searching:


Ixquick Allows the user to connect to any listed link anonymously by using the included option

StartPage Allows the user to connect to any listed link anonymously by using the included option

AnandTech "Your source for hardware analysis and news." " is the most complete collection of information assembled for and by actual users of Microsoft Windows."

Anonymizer 2004 $$$ Fee Based $$$ ! "Anonymizer 2004 shields your IP address and protects you from online tracking, spam harvesting, hackers and snoops."


Antivirus Software:

Antivirus Software

Microsoft Essentials Free!

Attachments, Large email Free "You can upload any type of file, mp3, movies, pdfs, etc up to 100MB each! Recipients can be anyone with an email address"

Avvenu Access your computer from anywhere! Free and $$$ Fee $$$ Based Versions!

Backup Services, Online (Remote) et al:

Back Blaze


Crash Plan Back up between two computers. Free for personal use.

Data Deposit Box

Elephant Drive

eSureIT by Intronis Technologies

First Backup



Mozy Remote Free for 2GB, $$ for larger storage. This is highly recommended by PC Magazine!

Online Backup Services, Article 1 By PC Magazine

Online Backup Services, Article 2 By PC Magazine

SOS Online Backup

Spare Backup

XDrive Online Organizer

BeInSync Access your computer from anywhere! Free and $$$ Fee $$$ Based Versions!

Belarc Advisor - Free Personal PC Audit

Belarc Advisor Free Personal PC Audit (version 6.1- f). "... builds a detailed profile of your installed software and hardware, including Microsoft Hotfixes, and displays the results in your Web browser. All of your PC profile information is kept private on your PC and is not sent to any web server."

BellSouth BIOS Upgrade

Browsers, Internet

Build Your Own PCA PC Magazine Article


Cable, Coax: Coax Cable Sealant, Outlets That Sell

Cable, HDMI: Understand HDMI Cables (Used on HD TV's)

Cable, HDMI: Understand HDMI Cables 2 (Used on HD TV's)

Cable Organizer: Cable Turtle Organizer

Cable Organizer: Cable Tamer Organizers

Cable Organizer: Cord Covers, Cable Covers and Cable Protectors

Cable Organizer: WireMate™ Cord Organizer

Cable Organizer: PowerSquid Outlet Multiplier Free! Software to help cleanse files and cookies that you do not need. "Cleans the following: Internet Explorer, Temporary files, URL history, cookies, Autocomplete form history, index.dat. , Firefox, Temporary files, URL history, cookies, download history. Opera, Temporary files, URL history, cookies. Windows, Recycle Bin, Recent Documents, Temporary files and Log files. Registry cleaner, Advanced features to remove unused and old entries, including File Extensions, ActiveX Controls, ClassIDs, ProgIDs, Uninstallers, Shared DLLs, Fonts, Help Files, Application Paths, Icons, Invalid Shortcuts and more... also comes with a comprehensive backup feature. Third-party applications
Removes temp files and recent file lists (MRUs) from many apps including Media Player, eMule, Kazaa"

CleanUp! "the quickest and easiest way to delete temporary files from your system."

ClearType, Microsoft Improve the view on your computer monitor!

CDCheck v3.0.1 Check Your CD to See If They Are Damaged Or Corrupted. Can Fix Problems!

*** CodeStuff Starter *** Free download! A starter manager program that lets you decide what programs startup when you boot up your computer. Reducing programs that start up and run in the background will improve your computer's performance. See also a more detailed explanation at You can also download from Softpedia's site.

Codecs: Domain Names Search Codec used for videos. $$$ Fee Based. $$$

Free Codecs

Comic Error Messages for Your Web Site Atom

Computer Crime Research Center

Computer Hardware Links Very Extensive!

CoolMon v1.0 PC Magazine. Keeps up with system utilities. Free.

Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis

Copernic Desktop Search "Easily search your entire hard drive in less than a second to pinpoint the right file, e-mail, music or pictures."

Conversion (Converters):

Convert World


Bing Recipe Search



Google Recipe Search

Data Recovery:

Ontrack Data Recovery Data Recovery Software

VOGON and KROLL ONTRACK Data Recovery Lists the Most common DLL files. Lets you fix or replace missing DLL files.



Smart Computing Dictionary/Encyclopedia - Browse Dictionary/Encyclopedia

Digital Video Date & Time Stamp Software $$$ Fee Based $$$!

DLL: Dynamic Link Library Find Missing DLL files!

*** DirectX Diagnostic Tool: Go to Start, then run and type in "dxdiag." You can get a lot of diagnostic information on your computer system (sound, video card, music, input, network).

Disc Master 2 Free Burning Software for CD's & DVD's!

DiskMeta Lite Free. Searches computer hard drives!

The Distant Sun - Grand Tour 3D Screen Saver. Free Version and $$$ Fee $$$ Based Version. Domain Names Search Codec used for videos. $$$ Fee Based. $$$

Domain Names:

Domain Name Search

*** Domain Tools - "Wildcard search of all current/deleted/expired whois domains."

Domain Names Registrant Search

InterNIC Whois Domain Search

PC Names™ Domain Search

Reverse IP DNS Domain Check Tool By


Whois Lookup

Whois Lookup Alternate Site By C/

Downloads at

Download Manager, Free Free Download Manager (FDM) is a full-featured download accelerator and manager.


Driver agent Will analyze your computer to detect missing drivers or drivers that can be updated. Analysis is free, subscription ($$$) required to link to the driver.

Driver "...we have compiled a massive database archive of drivers and resources that is by far the largest and most comprehensive on the Web."

Drivers Planet "Find the Driver You Want In Just A Few Clicks of the Mouse" By Carpe Diem ltd

DriverMax "DriverMax is a new program which allows you to easily reinstall all your Windows drivers." A Free Progam. By Innovative Solutions.


DSL Reports (Speed Tests):

Broadband Tests and Tools By

Speakeasy Speed Test

Dual Display on Computer "TRITTON SEE2 USB 2.0 SVGA Adapter instantly allows you to add a second display through your USB 2.0 port."

EasyOffice with PDF Filter v6.9 PC World. Free Word Processor and other Office Tools.

External USB Floppy Drives From CDW Corporation

The Elder Geek on Windows XP

Electronic Privacy Information Center (epic)



Windows Live Hotmail

Email Tracking: Certified mail with delivery receipt

The Encyclopedia of Television

Excel 97/2000 Viewer: Spreadsheet Files A Free Download. Lets you open up Excel spreadsheets when you do not have Excel software!

EZ Computer Instructions For Novices

EZMem Optimizer Freeware. "Just one click of a button - and in a few seconds your system recovers valuable RAM."

Fast Defrag Standard and Professional v2.16.SP1f Free & $$$ Fee Based $$$!

Federal Trade Commission Information on protecting your personal information online as well as protecting your computer. The File Extension Source. Helps you identify file extensions!

Finding Information on the Internet A Tutorial by the University of California at Berkley!

Find Open Source Support



DaFont Many Free Fonts!

Foxit Reader "Foxit Reader is a free reader for PDF (Portable Document Format) documents. You can view and print PDF documents with it." By Foxit Software Company. Free!

Free Fax Services & $$$ Fee $$$ Based Faxes

Free file storage space

FTC: Your National Resource for Identity Theft Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

FTP (File Transfer Protocol):

Free FTP By CoffeeCup Software, Inc.

Gallery of Graphic Design - Historical Ads     By TJS Labs

GDivX Zenith Player A Media Player That is Suppose to Have Fewer Problems Than the More Well Known Media Players!

"Get on a Roll With Freewheelin' Windows, Scroll in Excel via the keyboard; get more out of your scrollbar; and give your mouse wings with Flywheel." By Scott Dunn,From the November 2004 issue of PC World magazine"

GhostSurf 2005 "GhostSurf 2005 creates an impenetrable shield around your computer that prevents snoops from prying into your personal information."

Grisoft's AVG Free AntiVirus Software

Hardware, Information of Hardware on Your Computer: Direct X Diagnostic Tools: To Launch, select Start, then Run, then type dxdiag, and press enter.

Hardware Firewall:

ZyXel's ZyWall USG 100 Online Calendar



Internet Archive Go Back in Time on the Internet (Web Page History)

NetHistory Not Page History

Older [Software]" has been supplying the online community with old versions of various programs since 2001."

Way Back Machine Internet Archives. Find an Old Web Page!


Hoax See if what you are reading is a hoax!

Hoax Slayer     "...  the definitive Internet reference source for urban legends, folklore, myths, rumors, and misinformation."

How CD Burners Work How Stuff Works

How Firewalls Work How Stuff Works

How IP Telephony Works Using the Internet for Free Long Distance Calls

"How Computer Viruses Work" by Marshall Brain By How Stuff Works

HTML Tidy Library Project

Identity Theft Resources Privacy Rights Clearinghouse.

IP Address Tracing:

American Registry of Internet Numbers (ARIN) Use the "Search Whois" Block


DNS Stuff


Sam Spade

Internet Explorer New Window Maximizer v2.3 Free - Donations Accepted. By Jonatan Dahl. "This program will automatically maximize new Internet Explorer and Outlook Express windows."

Internet Explorer Version 7.0, Beta 2 Now available for downloading to the general public. Appears to be a great improvement! Time will tell! Comments by PC Magazine.

InfoSyssec "The Security Portal for Information System Security Professionals."


Calisphere University of California


Also check the Google Page on this website

Instant Messaging:

AIM (AOL Instant Messenger)

IChat V (Apple Computers Only)


Yahoo Messenger

Internet Browsers Links to a page on this web site!

Internet Explorer 7

Internet Explorer 7 Pro "IE7Pro is an add-on for Internet Explorer which adds a lot of features and extras which make your Browsing faster,More Responsive and Sleek."

Internet Service Provider (ISP's)

Internet Traffic Report "The Internet Traffic Report monitors the flow of data around the world." CIDR/Netmask, CSE HTML Validator, Decimal IP's,Geolocation by IP Address, Ping, Reverse DNS Lookup, Traceroute, & URL deobfuscator

Irfanview "IrfanView is a very fast, small, compact and innovative Freeware (for non-commercial use) graphic viewer for Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003."

*** Jason's Toolbox *** An Excellent Browser Tester. Free.

JDiskReport "JDiskReport enables you to understand how much space the files and directories consume on your disk drives, and it helps you find obsolete files and folders."

Jet Audio Media Player

"Junkbusters" Article by PCWorld, November 2007$$$ Also in same article: Download PC Decrapier, $$$

Karen's Alarm Clock & Other Freeware (Karen's Power Tools) By Karen Kenworthy

Key Finder Programs:

Gearbox Computers' Windows Product Key Finder Pro Freeware

Kirby Alarm Utility Free. Alarm & Task Scheduler By PCWorld

Kill Win "Kill Win is a Shutdown-Utility for Windows with many functions." By BK-Soft.

Lavalys AIDA32 Provides a report on your hardware

Logger Detector Apps Anti Key Loggers Solutions

****** Manufacturer Tech Support Index By Smart (Smart Computing Magazine) Gives Web Link, Address & Phone Numbers

Media Classic Player (Real Alternative) Use in place of Real Player to avoid Real Player issues and problems.

Media "Store, Organize, Access, Share, Send"

MemoryBoost Pro "MemoryBoost protects your system resources and gets you running at full speed." By Tenebril Inc. $$ Fee Based $$!



Microsoft Help and Support

Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP

Microsoft Vista Available at store and online on Tuesday, , January 30, 2007

Microsoft Window Vista Upgrade Advisor Select "Upgrade Advisor to download and run a utility to determine if your computer can handle Vista!

Microsoft Vista Simulation Test Drive Vista Before You Purchase the "real" Thing!

Microsoft Vista Downloads

Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP Free downloads for Windows XP Users.

"Microsoft Security Advisory (897663): Windows Firewall Exception May Not Display in the User Interface, Published: August 31, 2005" To get the update so that the invisible entries become visible in the Windows fire wall click here.

Movie Maker 2.1: Included, but hidden, in Window SP2. Download by clicking: Start; All Programs; Accessories; Windows Movie Maker

MSN Messenger

MSN Search

MySuper PC How to build your own PC! Enter a web site and get information on the site.

Network Troubleshooting From the "command" prompt: ipconfig/all; netstat; Ping; Tracert ip address

OmniFormat "OmniFormat is a free document conversion utility which allows dynamic conversion and image manipulation of over 75 file formats including HTML, DOC, XLS, WPD, PDF, XML, JPG, GIF, TIF, PNG, PCX, PPT, PS, TXT, Photo CD, FAX and MPEG."

Online Courses CNet

Pad2Pad "... where you can instantly design, price, and order your custom printed circuit boards - with components..."

PalTalk "...instant messenger integrating voice, video and file sharing into one neat package."

Music Search:



Darn! Passwords!

"Password Dos and Don'ts" by

Password Profiler Program by

"Password-Protect the Outlook Express In-Box" by

RoboForm: Password Manager, Form Filler, Password Generator, Fill Forms, Save Passwords Has both a Free and a $$$ Fee Based $$$ versions.

SeePassword $$$ Fee Based $$$!

View Passwords Free!

PC Magazine Utilities From A-Z

PC Magazine Indexed List of Utilities

*** PC World's Complete Guide To Digital Entertainment ***

PC World's Info Centers Cover subjects such as: Desktops, Digital Cameras, Digital Entertainment, DVD Drive & Recorders, E-mail, Laptops, Monitors, Office Tools, Printers, Spyware & Security, Upgrades, and Windows

PC World's Techlog [Blog] By PC World's Editor in Chief, Harry McCracken.

Pest Patrol

PC Pitstop Free Diagnostic Testing.

PDF Converter:


PDFCreator By Source Free!

Photopic Sky Survey "The Photopic Sky Survey is a 5,000 megapixel photograph of the entire night sky stitched together from 37,440 exposures"

Picture Tools Toolbar "Picture Tools is an Internet Explorer plug-in which assists in browsing picture gallery web sites." Online Calendar


PowerToys for Microsoft Windows XP Free downloads for Windows XP Users.

Process Explorer v9.0 By P.C. World. "This excavation can be a big help when you're trying to figure out which background processes you dare shut down." Free Process Information. Check out a process to see if it is ok or if it is "bad stuff."

Programs Running in the Background:

You can pull these up bysimultaneously holding down the following button on your keyboard; CTRL - ALT-DELETE. This pulls up a window that you can then "click on" the "Task Manager" button. Click on the "Processes" tab. See next link below.

To identify the program (if you need help to do this) you have several options. Enter the program into Google and see if you get a valid result. You can get much information from a PC World Article. "Which Background Programs Can I Close?" An addition article, "What's this program running on my machine?" by Leo Notenboom (Ask Leo). A very useful program to disable some of these programs is Startup Cop Pro 2: Control Windows Start Up which is a free program offered by PC Magazine!

Purrint v14A Free Download. Lets you print out your screen using the "Print Screen Key." PC

Quintessential Media Player Ad Free Media Player.

Qwik-Fix Pro Freeware. Prevents your system from being infected while downloading patches!

Reactivate XP: Call Microsoft at 888-571-2048. You will need your Product Key.

Real Alternative (Media Classic) Use in place of Real Player to avoid Real Player issues and problems.

Reinstall Windows XP:

"Start-To-Finish Guide, How To Reinstall Windows" by Smart Computing Magazine

"Software Tips & Projects, Slipstream Your Next Windows XP Installation" by Smart Computing Magazine

Remember The Milk Remember The Milk is the easiest and best way to manage your to-do lists online.

Remote PC:


Rookits, Anti-[Antivirus & Spyware] PC Magazine Article and Links to Software to Fight Malware (Viruses & Spyware)

Readiness Test to See If You Can Upgrade to Windows XPPC PitstopSM

RegSeeker v1.35 Beta Clean out Your Registry files that are full of clutter. BE SURE TO BACK UP YOUR REGISTRY FIRST!

Rootkit Detective By McAfee. Detects rootkits and helps rid your computer of them. Free.

RSS Readers

Rubber Roller Rejuvenator Can "Restores grip to rollers in all types of office equipment - Indispensible for most common jam problems..."


Satellite High Speed Internet Providers:





Screen Capture Program:

SnagIt 9 By TechSmith

Search Engine Watch A Daily Newsletter. Free and $$$ Fee $$$ Based

Send To Menu: "Edit the Send To Menu," By Neil J. Rubenking, PC Magazine, 05.04.04

Shields Up See if any ports are open on your computer. Hackers love open ports!

Site24x7 Monitors web sites and generates a report.

Site Information Tool "Enter the site's URL you want to get information for." By Webmaster Tips

Software Links to this Web Site!


Free Software Foundation


Find Sounds Find Sounds on the Web

Spam Links to Another Page on this Website!

Spam Revealer (Astilbe Revealer) [Spam]You can use this to possibly get a "spamers" true address.

Spider Test Tool

*** SpoofStick *** Free. "SpoofStick is a simple browser extension that helps users detect spoofed (fake) websites." By CoreStreet Real Time Credentials. For Internet Explorer and FireFox (separate downloads).

Spybot Search & Destroy PC World Magazine. Free

Spycop $$$ Fee Based $$$.

SpyHunter V 1.5.81 $$$ Fee Based $$$.


SpywareBlaster "Prevent the installation of spyware and other potentially unwanted software!"

Spyware Warrior Forums Free

*** Startup Cop Pro2 *** Controls What Programs Start Up! PC Magazine.

Stay Safe Online By National Cyber Security Alliance

System Tray - Keep it from hiding part of the contentsRight click the "Start" Button. Select "Taskbar" tab. Then uncheck "Hide Inactive Icons" at the bottom of the screen.

TapeCalc2 Tape Calculator for Your Computer

Technology Updates

Tech Support, Free By

Tech Support, Free 2 By

Tech Support Guy Help on the Net!

Text Messages to Cell Phones From Your Computer, Instruction by Carrier: Converts long URL's to Tiny URL's! Free.


"To Do" Lists:



"Three Free Tools to Archive (Locally) Any Web Page or Web Site, View Content Offline" By Gary Price, Resource


Progressive Methods, Inc. ( 2734 East Ponce De Leon
Decatur, GA 30030, Toll Free (866) 377-8973, Phone (404) 377-1848 , Fax (404) 377-0366. Since 1958. Email

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Urban Legends:

URL Discombobulator v1.7.1 Karen

URL Redirectors (Shorten URL Links!):



Metamark Shorten™ Service




USB Keys: Three Types - Flash Drives, Hard Drive & U3:A Portable Platform. PC Magazine - February 7 2006

Version Tracker Tracks patches for thousands of apps!

Video Converter:

HAMSTER Free Video Converter

Virtual "Offers articles, guides, teaching materials, an alert service and more on Internet research strategies and resources." You can use this to check up on a site!

W3 World Wide Web (WWW) Consortium

WebFerret For Internet Explorer

Web Host Magazine Get the Scoop on Web Hosting Companies!

Web Services, Free:

Num Sum "Easy, Sharable Web Spreadsheets"

ThinkFree Office 3

Writely "Write, Share, Revise, Compare."

Web Site Certificates, Understanding By the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT).

Where Are My E-Mail, Addresses, and Calendars? PC World, December 2004 "Definitions for thousands of the most current IT-related words."

Wi-Fi enabled locations "The Wi-Fi-FreeSpot™ Directory is a listing of Wi-Fi enabled locations that offer Free Wireless High Speed Internet Access."

WinGuard Pro 2004 Free Edition Password Protection. "...password protect your programs, windows and web pages..."

Windows CleanUp! "...the quickest and easiest way to delete temporary files from your system." By Stephen Gould. Free!

Windows Media Encoder A free download that you can to make a screen capture movie.

Windows Taskbar (Toolbar): If your taskbar moves to a different position on your screen, here is how to get it back to its original upright position: Put your cursor on an empty area of the taskbar; holding down the left mouse key, drag the mouse where you want the taskbar to reside. There will be no visible movement until your get the "invisible" taskbar near the location that you want to move the taskbar. This will not work if you have your taskbar "locked." You locked the taskbar by placing the cursor on an empty area of the taskbar and then "right clicking" your mouse. Then left click "lock the taskbar."

Windows Update

Windows XP: Install Windows XP on Your Pre-Installed Windows Vista Computer

WinPatrol "...sniffs out malicious "mysteryware" , web attacks and parasites that may assault your computer." Free and $$$ Fee $$$ Based !

Wire Fi Locator By Skyhook Wireless Inc.

Wireless Networking Information Circuit


Yahoo! Briefcase You can store files online for free!

y ! buzz Yahoo Buzz

Yahoo Finance

You Send Send a file up to one gigabyte. Free!

Ziff Davis Web Buyer's Guide "...powerful search tools and practical product categories to find the technology products and services you need and the vendors who can supply them."