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LexisOne Free Case Law By LexisNexis. Limited Information. Can Search Each State or Federal Case Law

See also Georgia Law by Clicking This Link

*** See Georgia *** You can get all of the Uniform Court Rules here!

Wex "... a collaboratively built, freely available legal dictionary and encyclopedia." By Cornell Law School.

*** Guide to Law Online *** Cover all States & Territories, Federal & International

Supreme Court limits police searches in split decision in Georgia v. Randolph, 04-1067.

*** American Law Sources On-line *** Federal, State, Local, Court Rules, Administrative Law, Canadian & Mexican Law. Extensive! By

Famous Trials By Douglas O. Linder, University of Missouri at Kansas City Law School

Public Library of Law (PLOL)

Uniform Commercial Code Locator by State Cornell University Law School, "Law by source: Uniform laws"


Alabama State Codes Does not appear to be searchable!

Alabama State Codes, Search Alabama State Legislature


Alaska Statues Searchable

Alaska Rules of Civil Procedure Alaska Court System

Arizona: Arizona Revised Statutes Searchable


Arkansas Code Searchable

Arkansas Court Rules & Administrative Orders

Arkansas court rules, administrative orders, Arkansas Judicial Code, and regulations/rules of related commissions

Arkansas Attorney General Opinions


California Public Employees' Retirement Law Michie's Legal Resources

California Contractors License Law & Reference Book Michie's Legal Resources

California Statues Searchable

California Court Forms

Law Help "Helping low-income Californians solve legal problems"


Colorado Revised Statues

Colorado Court Rules Powered by LexisNexis.

Connecticut: Connecticut General Statutes Searchable

Delaware: Delaware Code Includes Case Law! Not your usual web site! Powered by LexisNexis.

District of Columbia: District of Columbia Code Includes Case Law! Not your usual web site! Powered by LexisNexis.


Florida Statues Statues for the State of Florida

Florida Attorney General Opinions

Georgia: Georgia Code (Law) is on a Separate Page Click Here


Hawaii Revised Statues Scroll Down to the Bottom Portion of the Screen

Hawaii Rules of Court Multiple Cites!

Hawaii Attorney General Opinions Formal Opinions Letters 1993 - 2000

Hawaii Attorney General Opinions Formal Opinion Letters 1987 - 1992

Kentucky: Courts, Laws & Legal Services

Idaho: Idaho Statues Table of Content


Idaho Statues Searchable

Idaho Court Rules

Illinois: Illinois Compiled Statutes Searchable

Indiana: Indiana Code Searchable

Iowa: Code of Iowa Searchable

Kansas: Kansas Statues Searchable

Kentucky: Kentucky Revised Statues Searchable

Louisiana: Louisiana Codes Searchable

Maine: Maine Revised Statutes Searchable

Maryland: Maryland Code & Rules Includes Case Law! Not your usual web site! Powered by LexisNexis.

Massachusetts: Massachusetts, General Laws of Searchable

Michigan: Michigan Compiled Laws Searchable

Minnesota: Minnesota Statues Searchable

Mississippi: Mississippi Code Includes Case Law! Not your usual web site! Powered by LexisNexis.

Missouri: Missouri Revised Statutes Searchable


Montana Code Annotated Searchable

Montana State Law Library Lots of links to Montana Legal Stuff!

Nebraska: Nebraska Statutes Searchable

Nevada: Nevada Revised Statutes Searchable

New Hampshire: NH Revised Statutes Online Searchable

New Jersey (NJ): New Jersey Statutes Searchable

New Mexico (NM): New Mexico Statues & Administrative Code Includes Case Law! Not your usual web site! Powered by LexisNexis.

New York (NY): New York State Assembly (State Laws)

North Carolina (NC): North Carolina Statues General Statues for the State of North Carolina

North Dakota (ND): North Dakota Century CodeNOT Searchable

Ohio (OH): Ohio Revised Code Searchable

Oklahoma (OK): Oklahoma State Statues Searchable

Oregon (OR): Oregon Revised Statutes Searchable

Pennsylvania (PA):

Pennsylvania Statues

Pennsylvania Consolidated Statues

Rhode Island (RI): State of Rhode Island General Laws

South Carolina (SC): South Carolina Code of Laws South Carolina Legislature Laws, Rules, Constitution etc.

South Dakota (SD): South Dakota Codified Laws Includes Case Law! Not your usual web site! Powered by LexisNexis.

Tennessee (TN): Tennessee Code Includes Case Law! Not your usual web site! Powered by LexisNexis.

Texas (TX): Texas Statutes Searchable but not "user friendly" Code of Criminal Procedure

U.S.: American Law Sources Online

U.S.: Business and Financial Uniform Laws Locator

U.S.: "... the catalog of catalogs of worldwide law on the Internet. It aids legal research by arranging all indexes of law and government into a uniform, universal and unique metaindex."

U.S.: Boating Laws .com

U.S.: Collection Laws State by State

U.S.: Concealed Carry (CCW) Database

U.S.: Council on Licensure, Enforcement and Regulation's (CLEAR)Privacy Law in the USA

U.S.: Court Forms

U.S.: Dumpster Diving, Art & Science of

U.S.: Dumpster Diving, How To

U.S.: Dumpster Diving (Privacy of Garbage)

U.S.: Electronic Reference Desk Links to Useful State Law & Government Links

U.S.: Everybody's Legal Glossary By Nolo

U.S.: ** Emory School of Law** MacMillan Law Library Electronic Reference Desk. State by State Listing of Law & Government Pages!

U.S.: Family Law By

U.S.: Find Law Law Crawler

U.S.: Forms Guru

U.S.: Fraudulent Transfers Laws

U.S.: Frequently Asked Questions About the Grand Jury System American Bar Association (ABA)

U.S.: *** Full-text state statutes and legislation on the Internet *** "This page seeks to link to sites containing full-text state constitutions, statutes (called codes or compiled laws in some states), legislation (bills, amendments, etc.), session laws (bills that have become laws), and administrative rules." By "Prairienet Community Network. A community service of the Graduate School of Library and Information Science University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

U.S.: Guide to Online Law

U.S.: Guide to Online Law All U.S. States by State

U.S.: Gun Laws by State Ask

U.S.: Help With Legal Research

U.S.: Internet Legal Resource Guide "A categorized index of more than 4000 select web sites in 238 nations, islands, and territories, as well as thousands of locally stored web pages, legal forms, and downloadable files, this site was established in 1995 to serve as a comprehensive resource of the information available on the Internet concerning law and the legal profession, with an emphasis on the United States of America. Designed for everyone, lay persons and legal scholars alike, it is quality controlled to include only the most substantive legal resources online."

U.S.: A Law Dictionary By John Bouvier, Revised Sixth Edition, 1856

U.S.: Law Library of Congress

U.S.: *** Guide to Law Online *** Cover all States & Territories, Federal & International

U.S.: Law Internet Law Library

U.S.: Legal Legal info in simple terms

U.S.: Legal Definitions Dictionary $$$ Fee Based $$$!

U.S.: Legal Dockets Online

U.S.: Legal Documents Online

U.S.: Legal Information Institute Cornell University. Search by subject such as "Landlord-Tenant."

U.S.: Legal Research Online** Very Good Site! How to do legal research. Also lots of good links.

U.S.: Legal Web Site Directory Lexis-Nexis. State by State

U.S.: LegalTrek Numerous links to all level of government law as well as some case law

U.S.: Legal Research & Information Web Sites By University of Minnesota Law School. Selective lists of useful web sites for law-related research: Minnesota
(State, Regional & Local Government); U.S. States, Territories, Cities & Counties (Excluding Minnesota); Federal Law & Government

U.S.: *** Michie LexisNexis *** Free Access to Some State Laws! ***

U.S.: Minimum Wage Laws State By State

U.S.: National Process Servers Assoc. Cover many different web site lists too numerous to list. All useful to process servers.

U.S.: National Council on Compensation Insurance, Inc. (NCCI Holdings, Inc.) Information on State Workers' Compensation Laws & Rules

U.S.: Privacy Laws

U.S.: Rominger Legal Numerous Legal Links

U.S.: Social Law Library Links to Each States' constitution, codes, etc.

U.S.: State and Federal Court rules, Forms and Dockets

U.S.: State Legislative History Research Guides on the Web Indiana University Law Library

U.S.: State Legislatures, State Laws & State Regs "Compiled and maintained by Rick McKinney, Assistant Law Librarian, Federal Reserve Board Law Library"

U.S.: State Legislative Bill Tracking and Update Services By National Conference of State Legislatures

U.S.: State Laws: Browse by State By FindLaw

U.S.: ** State Law Library **Links to State Laws, Constitutions, etc. State by State

U.S.: State statutes of limitation for credit card debt

Utah: Utah Code Includes Case Law! Not your usual web site! Powered by LexisNexis.

Vermont: Vermont Statues & Court Rules Includes Case Law! Not your usual web site! Powered by LexisNexis.

Virgin Islands: Virgin Islands Code Includes Case Law! Not your usual web site! Powered by LexisNexis.


Code of Virginia Searchable

Rules of the Virginia Supreme Court Searchable

Virginia Administrative Code Searchable

Virginia Special Session Acts 5-9 Includes Case Law! Not your usual web site! Powered by LexisNexis.

Washington: Revised Code of Washington Searchable

West Virginia:

West Virginia Code Searchable

West Virginia Rules of Civil Procedure Searchable

Wisconsin: Wisconsin Statues & Annotations Searchable. Includes case law!

Other: Pacific Islands Legal Information Institute Numerous Links!